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Truly there’s a place for me
Beyond this veil of misery
In shadows dark I saw my shame
When all was never-ending pain
The only light I’d ever seen
Was far beyond my hopeless scream
And strangers walked upon my hope
Til I no longer even coped
Drowning in a sea of hate
You rescued me and sealed my fate
No longer would I search in vain
For we had met and I was changed
I felt You calm my deepest fears
Gave me peace for all my tears
Now I can see my place in You
Making all my dreams come true
The bliss of love from the curse of hate
Changed misery into perfect grace

Beyond The Hope of Us

The entire world cries out for You
Hoping to believe in the things You do
Amazing, God, You know me well
My deepest thoughts I never tell
A little child, You cared for me
Kept me safe, caused me to see
Miracles really do come true
Cause You helped me give my life to You