"Little Girls Secrets and Their Heroes" by Judah Clarke is a novel about a single mother's experience in raising two daughters who suffered a violent crime in 1980, their heroism and fulfilled destiny from the boggy summers of south Alabama to the frigid winters of remote Alaska to flee the danger of discovery.

Mercy Falls is a book of Inspired Poetry.
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The Fight
Hold me in Your arms of grace
As I rest with You there
Hold me close don’t let me go
I need to know You care
The trees, the lakes, the mountains high
Cannot compare to You
Your love alone can make me safe
And show me what is true
My enemies surrounding now
Advance to tear my flesh
Defeat them for me, I’m so tired
Till none of them are left
I see the sword within Your hand
Make ready for the fight
I feel the darkness slip away
As I receive Your Light

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