This is a new site and I am learning the process of site building. My goal here is to reach a specific group of silent victims whom no one hears, though they need to be heard. Victims of Sexual and Child Abuse walk through a dark corridor of shame and the fear of a little child no matter how old in years they may be. I have walked through this dark hall alone at times and now offer a hand to those who walk there now. I no longer walk alone. My Father walks with me wherever I go now.  I have several books of Inspirational Poetry that I am preparing for this site! Pictures and samples will soon be available. If you would like a copy of Mercy Falls....simply email a request, along with an address to mail it to or an email address to send it or if you would like to make a donation to help me in this quest, please contact me.
Thank you.
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I Belong

In my sadness, I looked away, from everyone but You, Lord
And the memories I didn’t have, of a family’s love so true, Lord
I even broke my heart again, pining for my past
Even though I have today, the memories made me sad.
The shame confused me and covered me up
Though I looked to You to fill my empty cup.
In my desperation, I asked You why
Everything seemed awful; why my soul just cries
You gently said, “My daughter, I was here for you each day
And as your loving Father, I kept you when you strayed.
Jesus is your big brother; since you were born again
He gave you peace in turmoil, every time you needed Him.
It’s just when you look back, at evil’s tricks toward you
That you see all the agony of the love you never knew,
But isn’t My love better, than all the world’s combined
And don't you know how special you are now that you’re Mine?